What is longlifepensions.com? It’s a source of information and commentary about later life – the policy, financial and personal consequences of how long we live. So it has something to say about:

  • Longevity – how we cope with the uncertainty of not knowing how long we might live
  • Pensions – savings, superannuation, retirement income
  • Retirement – how work changes as we get older and what happens to our finances as we work less

Who is it for?  Anyone interested in thoughtful discussion of policy and practice around longevity, pensions and retirement.

Why longlifepensions.com? Pensions have to sustain us through ever longer lives, and long retirements. Retirement income policy works best when it has a long life too, as frequent change makes planning difficult.

Who runs it? Read about Alison O’Connell here.

Why? To contribute occasional independent informed comment on topical subjects of policy and practice. To share knowledge of three interwoven subjects which are changing rapidly and affect us all.

Nothing on this site is personal advice, financial or otherwise.

An axe to grind or advocacy position? No. This blog is independent of any organisation.


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