About Alison

Alison’s perspective has developed from:

  • Policy: creating the Pensions Policy Institute and advising government departments on policy aspects of pensions, retirement and longevity
  • Academia: holding research roles, a Masters in gerontology and a PhD in longevity risk
  • Risk: working as an actuary at reinsurance companies
  • Strategy and business practice: working as a consultant to financial services companies, and being a board director
  • International thinking: living in New Zealand and the UK, having worked at times in Australia, Switzerland, France, Denmark, the US.

Alison was the first Director (Chief Executive) of the Pensions Policy Institute in London. The PPI became a productive and widely-admired independent research organisation, working with others in the public and private sectors. Alison’s tenure was at a time of intense reform of pensions policy and she frequently appeared on UK national radio, TV and in the press.

Alison later moved to Christchurch, New Zealand.  She continued policy advisory work in pensions, retirement and longevity.  Her involvement in these fields was temporarily interrupted by the earthquakes of 2010-11, the epicentre of the most destructive shock in the sequence being less than 8km from Alison’s home. Alison contributed her risk management thinking and knowledge of the reinsurance sector to the recovery.

Today, Alison divides her time between two areas: research and commentary on pensions, retirement and longevity; and as an independent board director. This blog is part of the first theme.

Alison writes on this blog in a personal capacity.  The blog reflects her personal views and does not necessarily represent the positions of any institution with which Alison is or has been associated.

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