The cost of incentives for retirement saving

Incentives for retirement saving are in the policy headlights in both New Zealand and the UK. This post attempts to compare the cost of these incentives, allowing for the different size of population and different systems used.  It’s not very elegant, but it is one way of showing just how costly UK pension incentives are. Continue reading

KiwiSaver vs UK pensions

It took KiwiSaver less than 5 years to achieve higher coverage of working age New Zealanders than the entire UK private pensions industry. The UK is catching up only now that it has started auto-enrolment.  Continue reading

Remove tax incentives for pensions – then what?

As the UK government consults on pensions tax incentives, what could happen if “Pensions ISAs” replaced the current system?  It would be very helpful if such an experiment has been tried somewhere else – and happily, New Zealand provides. Continue reading